Sumana Indian Fashion Jewelry empowering Artisans

We are excited to announce that we recently joined with the non-profit organization Nest to help us source and empower artisan communities within India. 

Nest is committed to the social and economic advancement of the fashion and home industry’s informal workforce who comprise the complex supply chains outside of factories. They are bringing this underserved global economic engine the unprecedented transparency, data-driven business development and widespread advocacy that empowers women, alleviates poverty, and preserves traditions of artisanship.

Unlike most organizations in the sector that act as markets for artisan-made products or serve as middlemen who broker relationships between artisans and retail brands, Nest goes deeper than market access to ensure artisan self-sufficiency.

By strengthening the artisan and homeworker supply chains at multiple points including design, production, and business management phases, Nest fosters long-term artisan independence and sustainability.

Nest’s work can be broken down into three categories:

  1. Artisan Business Development: Delivering infrastructure and training services directly to artisan businesses in need. Replicating results that work.

  2. Global Sector Solutions: Building leading sector solutions designed to tackle the artisan sector’s most pressing and difficult challenges that exist on a global scale.

  3. Advocacy and Awareness: Raising our voice on behalf of the issues impacting artisans and homeworkers; elevating the perception of handmade finished goods; and educating the industry and public about ways to make sustainability desirable and achievable.

By addressing the artisan and homework sector’s challenges from these three important angles, Nest ensures that change that is successful, scalable and sustainable.


We donate 15% of all profits to SMVA Trust to support their initiative to end child poverty in rural India by funding kids full education.

The mission of the SMVA Trust is to promote policies and implement service projects that advance poverty eradication, social justice, sustainable development and global unity. 

They have undertaken many humanitarian projects including Free Schools, Free Hospitals, Mobile Medical Care, Free Housing Projects and Water Treatment Plants. The SMVA Trust is actively involved in community services like Feeding the Hungry, Clothing Distribution, Leprosy Care, Wheelchair Distribution, Natural Disaster Aid, Eye & Dental Screening, Cataract operations and much more by volunteers of the Trust around the globe.