Jewelry That Defines Your Character.

We believe that beauty isn’t solely based on how you look, but what you are on the inside. 

In ancient Indian Sanskrit “Sumana” means not just physical beauty but a deep inner and outer beauty.

Like deep beauty, our jewelry has purpose ahead of it, tradition behind it, and meaning all around it.

It doesn’t only look good, it does good; good for the wearer, the artisan and the girls who benefit from the proceeds. 

Our slogan is "Beautifully Designed...Socially Aligned!"

It represents our commitment to make fashion socially worthwhile.

For us, the true measure of success is when everyone from our artisans to the end customer are enriched and benefited. 



Empowerment Is At The Heart Of Sumana


Fueled by the passion of making the world a better place, Sumana aims at empowering the artisans, the girl child, and YOU! 

Artisans are empowered by providing them access to a global marketplace that allows them a wider and higher earning potential. In addition their ancient jewelry making methods are preserved so they will not be lost to modern technology.

The Girl Child is empowered because 15% of all profits are donated to fund their entire education including school supplies, clothes, books, and tuition. Most of these girls come from a long line of laborers and they are usually the first person in their entire family to ever go to school. 

The wearer is empowered by the look and feel of excellence as well as the knowledge that their purchases are working to make lives better. 

Our philosophy is simple:  "Do Good, Feel Good, Look Good!"






From A Village In India to One Of The Fashion Capitals Of The World!


Sugi fashion designer for Sumana Indian JewelryHi, my name  is Sugi and I am the Co-Founder and Creative Visionary behind Sumana. My journey began when  I was just a  little girl  growing up  in a village in South India. Growing up,  I was exposed to the incredible craftsmanship and beautiful designs of Indian Jewelry, temples and the sculptures. I remember watching the local artisans while staring in admiration wondering how they people could create such intricate works of art.

One day, my life was changed when I went to my aunts house in a neighboring village. This village was well-known for the amazing artisans that reside there. Upon arriving, I was shocked to see that, despite their amazing artistic capabilities, the artisans and their families lived in poverty. The kids were not able to go to school because they had to help the family earn what small money they could.

India girl child laborI was shocked and saddened. I couldn't believe that this was a reality for many children who live in rural areas. It was then and there that I decided I would have to do something to change this. I didn't know what to do at the point, but something deep within me was awakened and all I knew was that I had to do something.

I realized education was the key. Coming from a poor family myself, I had to work hard to get an education. By sheer determination, and with the blessings of my family, I was able to become the first person in my entire family to leave India to continue my education. 

I came to the USA and studied fashion design at FIDM in Los Angeles,CA. Upon graduating, I was fortunate to work with several large fashion brands over the next 6 years of my life.

After gaining industry experience, I had a realization that now is the time I needed to combine my passion and skills and put them to work fulfilling the promise I made to myself as a little girl.

Sumana Fashion Jewelry EmpowermentThus, SUMANA was born as a way to empower Artisans, Young Girls, and the Individual Customer.

We empower artisans by introducing them to the global market and helping preserve their traditional, handmade techniques.

We empower the Girl Child by donating 15% of all profits to an organization working to end child labor in India by funding their entire education and expenses from youth all the way through college.

Lastly, we empower the individual wearer because a confidant woman is an empowered one. So they not only look good but they feel good knowing they are helping change lives.

So the basis of Sumana is not just looking beautiful, but feeling and being beautiful inside and out!